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i kinda dont want to be in a relationship no more. i kinda want to move on. i do love her but im getting bored and tired of it. we barely are together. we hang out maybe once every month or once every couple months. i think her mom hates me. because she never lets me hang out and she lets her hang with other people all the time. we are in school together but her friends ( i dont like her friends) always get mad if i walk with her. they get mad because my gurl is always fooling around with me in the hallway. my gf and i barely fight. and if we do its always me starting becuase im more of the stronger on in the relationship, i dont let people tear me down. i sometimes come of bitchy, or mean. i dont mean it becuase i could show u me being super nice and funny.

 the one coment that got me like jealous/mad was i was at a art show at my school and my gf, hayley, alyson and me were roaming through the scattered art walls. and then alyson was like oh i found that blonde girl you have been looking for and my gf asked where becuase she wanted to go. and alyson is a nice person but shes always all over my gf which pisses me off. becuase my gf is never like alyson dont touch me she comes back just to make me jealous and say ” oh she grabbed my ass”